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ZEISS ABIS III awarded as Top Innovation 2024

The newly developed ZEISS ABIS III sensor combines high-speed inspection with a reliable detection of all relevant surface defects.

The sensor was awarded the TOP INNOVATION 2024 by the trade journal inVISION. A panel of industry experts evaluated and selected the system for its outstanding features. By objectively evaluating and classifying all relevant types of defects, ZEISS ABIS III ensures a safe and timely surface inspection for press and body shops.

ZEISS ABIS III combines high-speed inspection with a reliable detection of all relevant surface defects such as dents, bulges, sink marks, ripples, neckings, cracks and now also scratches and pressure marks. The system inspects both moving and stationary parts reproducibly and highly precise during live production and within the cycle time. Moreover, it is not only suited for in-line but also for at-line use in the production environment.

The patented Multi-Color-Light technology allows for detecting even the smallest defects. After only a few seconds, a digital inspection report will be issued. This way, functions such as a Q-stop and digital quality details such as defect visualizations for scheduled rework are always available. They provide the basis for closed loop circuits and the precondition for implementing the Smart Process Control. Designed and developed in Germany to fulfill the highest quality standards, ZEISS ABIS III is the ideal solution for both modern press shops and future-oriented body shops.

Surface Inspection

The conventional surface inspection, e.g., treating the surface with grindstones, takes a lot of time and depends on the relevant user. This subjective inspection may cause disagreements between customer and supplier and consequently complaints, claims or costly sorting or reworking tasks. With the use of the sensor ZEISS ABIS III and the fast defect detection rate of up 20 Hz, manual and subjective quality assurance processes become redundant. The resource-efficient system continuously and automatically provides the database required for dedicated rework, quick surface analyses and efficient process optimizations.

Multi-Color-Light Technology to Detect Smallest Defects

The uncompromising ZEISS ABIS III surface inspection system combines high-speed inspection with reliable defect detection in accordance with the 100% principle: 100% inspection of all parts produced, the entire surface and all relevant types of defects. One of the technical highlights in this context is the newly developed MCL module. The patented Multi-Color-Light technology enables detecting the smallest types of defects.

Defect Visualization and Digital Inspection Reports in ZEISS ABIS V20

In combination with the ZEISS ABIS V20 software, surface characteristics are detected within seconds and evaluated according to the specifications of individual corporate standards. The software visualizes types of defects such as dents, bulges, ripples, neckings and skid lines in real time and digitally stores the inspection results in a database. Thus, the quality certificate for the customers is available and retrievable at any time. The evaluation of determined defect hot spots facilitates a quick root cause analysis and, on its basis, the definition of targeted corrective actions.

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