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Medical technology: Quality assurance of plastic components

Flashes, sink marks or black spots - manufacturers face a number of challenges when producing medical components using plastic injection molding.

Medical plastics deliver a pharmaceutical compound to its target site. Therefore, they’re vital to human health in everyday life and must guarantee functionality and achieve their desired therapeutic effect. In ensuring proper production and complying with a variety of industry norms, you have to perform quality control on large volumes, process small features and non-standard geometries, and correctly handle plastics that may be transparent, sensitive, or prone to bending.

Also known as medical combination products, medical plastics either comprise multiple components, combine multiple products, or may only be used together with a specific separate drug or device. ZEISS therefore helps you run fast checks on multiple components simultaneously, undertake multisensory inspections of flexible and soft parts, and perform freeform analysis to achieve optimum function and design of assemblies.

Do you need more information about ZEISS Medical Quality Solutions? Watch the video to the right and fill out the form here to download our medical plastics brochure.

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