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Want your machines to perform better? Don’t change oil

The SKF RecondOil Box makes it possible to use the same oil over and over again. Contact Norsecraft Tec AS to make your effort to the sustainable business!

What if you could get cleaner oil in your application without having to change it? With RecondOil Box from SKF, you can use the same oil over and over again. In fact, you can get cleaner oil than ever before. Your machines can perform better, and at the same time, your oil can be transformed from a costly CO2 footprint into a sustainable asset. Don’t change oil. Change to circular use of oil.

Minimal oil cost is just one of many benefits

Today, most companies use their industrial oil until it degrades. This means that the oil eventually needs to be discarded and replaced with new oil. But since application owners want to get the most out of their oil, it machines are often run with contaminated oil for long periods – a common cause of premature equipment failure. In fact, up to 40 % of maintenance costs are lubricant related. With the RecondOil Box, oil change intervals can be significantly extended – in some cases indefinitely. Our Double Separation

Technology (DST) removes contamination particles down to nano-size from the oil. In fact, DST-regenerated oil is often cleaner than a virgin oil. And by keeping the oil ultra-clean continuously, the RecondOil Box allows you to use the same oil over and over again – without losing any of its original qualities. Shifting to a circular use of oil offers several benefits, both in terms of sustainability, reduced oil costs and better machine performance.

The smallest particles are your biggest problem

 The lifetime of oil is influenced by contamination – if left unchecked in a system, the contaminants cause the oil to continually degrade, until it is no longer functional.

 Nanoparticles Microparticles that most often can be removed from oils with conventional filters make up for about just 20 % of the total surface area of all particles in an oil. At the same time, nano particles that normally slip through conventional filters constitute the remaining 80% of the surface area. The nanoparticles cause severe harm – and they are a catalyst for oxidation in the oil. Oxidation accelerates the oil’s aging process.

Varnish The growing popularity of the highly-refined Group II and Group III base oil composition has played a role in the increasing prevalence of varnish-related issues in oil – these base stock oils have lower solubility for varnish-forming materials. And while there are several causes for varnish formation in an oil, oxidation by-products are seen as the primary source. Varnish causes machine wear and thermal stress as well as accelerates the oil’s degradation process

Water For most oils, water ingression can compromise nearly every beneficial property. The presence of water in a system can cause corrosion and reduce component life. Water also affects the oil’s viscosity and deteriorates its lubricating properties.

One system – three functions

The RecondOil Box is an enhanced depth filtration system that incorporates RecondOil’s patented Double Separation Technology (DST). It features a chemical/mechanical separation process which is not limited by filter pore size, and there is therefore no lower limit on the size of particles that can be removed from an oil

We can get rid of the nanoparticles – and all other particles as well, for that matter. This means we can stop the oxidation process from even beginning and create a potentially endless oil life.

With its DST filter, the RecondOil Box also removes both soluble and insoluble varnish, thereby avoiding clogged systems. Varnish removal also offers cooler operational temperature and longer component and oil life

In addition, the RecondOil Box is also efficient at water removal, and can remove dissolved, emulsified and free water out of an oil

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