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ZEISS PiWeb Update

New features and improvements

The ZEISS PiWeb 8.2 release is here! There are many new features and improvements, which you can find in detail on our website. This much in advance: You can now generate 1D & 2D barcodes, sort or filter data more easily and manage and create notification rules for multiple parts or different user groups.

ZEISS PiWeb transforms complex measurement data into meaningful visual results. Always working on the next breakthrough, we ensure state-of-the-art and future-proof systems through regular updates of the reporting and statistical analysis software.

ZEISS PiWeb 8.2: New Features

Our latest software update offers a wide range of new features, improvements and additional customizable options, thereby facilitating easier and more efficient measurement processes.

New element for the generation of 1D & 2D Barcodes

A new element is now available for creating a variety of 1D & 2D barcodes directly in ZEISS PiWeb reporting. Use variables or a text to generate various types of barcodes, QR-codes or data matrix codes that can be used for example, to send information about quality data via WhatsApp, e-mails or to display the data in the ZEISS PiWeb app.

Powerful new data sorting and filtering tools

New functionality to filter data by using AND / OR logic allows an unlimited combination of possibilities. Additionally, data sets can be sorted multiple times to allow precise organization of data in tables and reports. 

New features for bubbled prints

New tools are available in ZEISS PiWeb monitor to better visualize bubble location with feature highlighting and visualization of the stamp to help operators see exactly what characteristic on the drawing needs attention. New tools are also available in ZEISS PiWeb planner and ZEISS PiWeb designer to modify bubble position as well as new dynamic elements for report creation.

New notification features

Now users can easily manage notifications by setting rules for multiple parts instead of individual parts. Additionally, they can now apply rules to multiple users or groups of users to quicky set up notifications for departments or responsible users.

ZEISS PiWeb iOS App & ZEISS PiWeb cloud Updates

New for current and prospective ZEISS PiWeb cloud customers, the ZEISS PiWeb notifications module is now available for the cloud. Together with new features in the iOS App for notification visualization and administration, ZEISS PiWeb offers the perfect combination for accessing your important information on the go!

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