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norelem has expanded its portfolio of products with the new A4 quality stainless steel connection elements for demanding environments.

The new range from standard component manufacturing specialist, norelem, offers higher corrosion and acid resistance. The components include stainless-steel screws, nuts and washers and boast good workability and other mechanical properties that make them ideal for use in demanding environments.

The new A4 quality elements from norelem complement the existing range of A2 quality elements. The range has significantly improved corrosion and acid resistance compared to A2 stainless steel, and therefore can be used in environments with a close proximity to salt water, such as shipyards. The higher salt content in both the water and air in these environments means that lower quality stainless steel components would rust immediately, making the A4 quality stainless steel connection elements ideally suited for these applications.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, comments: “With our new range of A4 quality stainless steel connecting elements, we’re able to provide even more standard components capable of withstanding exposure to high demand environments, such as in the marine industry and in swimming pools which are subject to higher acidity levels.”

Stainless steel is generally thought of as one term to refer to particularly resistant metals with rust-proof properties, but there are in fact many different stainless steels made from over 160 different alloys. A4 stainless steels belong to the group of austenitic steels, which are also called chromium-nickel steels. It is the high chromium content of these stainless steels that make them so corrosion resistant and therefore so useful in environments with high acid contents.

Marcus Schneck adds: “Because of their excellent acid resistance, the norelem A4 quality connecting elements are also suitable for applications in the chemical and food industries, alongside the pulp industry and in the renovation of chimneys and swimming pools.”

These A4 quality stainless steel connecting elements can be found in norelem’s 2022 edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK. Listing over 70,000 standard components, the two-volume catalogue is available in both print and online.

For more about norelem and to order your free copy of THE BIG GREEN BOOK, please visit www.norelem.com or contact info@norelem.se


About norelem

norelem is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible standard parts and components for mechanical engineering. The company supplies 60,000 standard products relating to standard machinery and operating elements, as well as automation components. Ninety-eight per cent of these parts are available from stock, and the business delivers on-site technical support for products. This high level of inventory enables norelem to provide fast and reliable delivery times.


THE BIG GREEN BOOK is both norelem’s ideas catalogue and a reference book and has become the norelem trademark. More than just a standard product catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK represents everything norelem stands for, combining product information, specifications, and technical information, with best practice references, advice, and guidance.

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