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BIGGER, GREENER, BETTER: norelem’s 2022 Edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK is back with over 70,000 components

Engineers can now get their hands on the latest edition of norelem's iconic engineering catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK. The 2022 edition contains over 10,000 components more than the previous edition - now totaling over 70,000 standard components.

Designed to help engineers find what components they need quickly and easily; this is the second edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK to be split into two volumes. norelem has ensured that the printing process of the 2022 edition is more sustainable, by using an innovative method that combines heat and power technology during printing to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 52%. As a result, the 2022 edition is the greenest yet. The two volumes contain over 2700 pages between them, listing data, components, and reference guides.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, said: “Design engineers across the globe regard THE BIG GREEN BOOK as an invaluable reference guide. At norelem, our strapline is “Find it. Get it. Go.” and a key part of this is our product catalogue, which makes it easier for engineers to quickly identify the products they need.

“The 2020 edition was the first time we split the catalogue into two parts, with this updated version having over 10,000 more unique components, it was only natural for us to repeat that step. We know that this year’s edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK is our most detailed version yet and we are confident it will help our customers with their everyday challenges.”

Amongst the 10,000 new products added to the 2022 edition are new steel positioning cones and positioning bushes for centring units, which align and secure workpieces in an innovative way and enable a repeat accuracy of <0.003 mm.

The book also introduces norelem’s range of pneumatic cylinders, which are suitable for numerous applications, as well as newly developed carriage guides, which enable positioning and movement horizontally and vertically.

Additionally, the 2022 edition features an entirely new product category titled “norelem controls”, which lists electromechanical standard components for control and regulation.

The 2022 edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK can be read as a print version or downloaded as a PDF.

For more about norelem and to order your free copy of THE BIG GREEN BOOK, please visit www.norelem.com or contact info@norelem.se.


About norelem

norelem is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible standard parts and components for mechanical engineering. The company supplies 70,000 standard products relating to standard machinery and operating elements, as well as automation components. Ninety-eight per cent of these parts are available from stock, and the business delivers on-site technical support for products. This high level of inventory enables norelem to provide fast and reliable delivery times.


THE BIG GREEN BOOK is both norelem’s ideas catalogue and a reference book and has become the norelem trademark. More than just a standard product catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK represents everything norelem stands for, combining product information, specifications, and technical information, with best practice references, advice, and guidance.

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