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Manufacturing outputs have increased over the years putting more strain on key components, which can lead to unexpected downtime and even bring danger to the workforce.

It is crucial therefore, that engineers and those responsible for the safe and efficient operation of production lines specify and install components that can prevent assembly line disruption and ensure the safety of the entire system, no matter how much production outputs increase.

When it comes to securing safety in a changing manufacturing environment, it can be hard to know where to start, so here, Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, delves into the various parts, fixings and fittings that prevent downtime and keep assembly lines running safely:

The global manufacturing landscape is under increasing pressure to produce more, quicker, whilst prioritising safety and reducing waste. The changes required to meet these rising demands can alter the production environment considerably, introducing higher loads, faster speeds, the production of more heat, a higher risk of machine failure and accidents.

In addition to regular maintenance of key systems and machines, the installation of security-specific components is also a popular way to keep a factory safe and fully operational as demand rises, and the market is now awash with safety components designed to help production lines cope under the growing pressure of modern manufacturing. With so much to consider, it can be hard to know where to begin, which is why it pays to consider the importance of putting safety first.

Make safety the priority

Whether you are specifying a new production line, or reviewing the performance of an existing one, keeping safety at the fore will not only protect your workforce, but will ensure your production line is operating in a way that will maximise capacity under increasingly demanding conditions.

By specifying and installing a number of additional safety-specific components, it is even possible to reduce waste and improve performance, improve profit margins and customer fulfilment.

Where to begin with critical safety components

There are many areas to a manufacturing facility that can benefit from updated safety-specific components. Here are just some simple changes that can form a strong foundation for specifying safety-specific components as standard no matter the size or type of manufacturing facility.

Strengthening transport technology
Hoist rings and slip hooks are two components where careful specification can really improve safety in the factory. These are just small changes that are quick and easy to install with minimal downtime.

norelem’s hoist rings for example offer a load capacity of up to 13,500 kg with a 5x safety factor, and norelem’s lifting slings and round slings deliver a market-leading 7x safety factor for their maximum load capacity as well as UV resistance and low moisture absorption, making them ideal for more complex or harsh environments.

By changing the hoist rings and hooks to ones that offer higher safety factors, product or material transportation systems are not only safer, but can handle changes in production volume or type.

Upgrading machine electromechanics
Another excellent starting point is the addition of magnetic and RFID coded safety switches to machinery safety doors, covers and hatches. These easy-to-fit devices allow machines to be monitored for potential accidents and can stop machines from operating if the door is opened.

Retrofitted emergency stop buttons are another ideal solution to quickly and cost-effectively improve the safety of a production line, as manufacturing pressure increases, and the environment becomes harder to control.

Position indicators for safety and quality of production
For many factory environments, the increased pressure to manufacture more, in less time, and with minimal waste means positioning materials or components perfectly on, or inside, a machine first time. Position indicators can assist newly recruited operatives with perfecting machine use as well as aiding experienced staff working under harder time constraints to minimise waste and potential machine damage by positioning materials correctly for optimal processing.

norelem offers a range of position indicators suitable for different applications, including options that are oil and solvent resistant and temperature resistant up to 80°C.

Key considerations when specifying safety components

When choosing which safety components will improve performance and ensure the safety of machine operatives, there are a number of key considerations.

Material selection
Be sure to select components that are constructed using materials that can withstand the production environment they are intended for. Depending on the application, it will be necessary to check things like temperature resistance, corrosion requirements and moisture absorption rates. 

Regulations, standards and certificates
Be knowledgeable on the safety regulations, standards and certificates that are relevant to your application, safety requirements and geographical region. Be sure to specify products from reputable manufacturers that can meet and preferably exceed those expectations – after all, the safety of machine operatives is not something to be taken lightly.

Accommodate safety margins during specification
By designing in safety margins at the earliest possible stages of specification, engineers can be more sure of delivering optimised, safe performance. For support with doing this, choose a manufacturing partner that offers technical support and experts out in the field who can recommend improvements either during the early design stages, or later, post-installation.

The pressures of modern manufacturing are sure to increase further in the coming years, making it vital that engineers and decision-makers continually assess the changing environment they operate within. Changing, adapting and adding safety components to ensure continuity in both safety and machine performance will help factories to thrive and workforces to grow as demand increases.

For more information on norelem’s product portfolio, visit www.norelem.com

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