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Engineers and manufacturers looking to reduce tension and extend the service life of machines and systems now find a solution in norelem’s flat head screw with tolerance compensation.

Used to connect two components that need to withstand tension, the flat head screw with tolerance compensation allows the components to move as desired to one another.

In many applications, in the event of tension, forces are absorbed by the guide rails, which increases the resistance to displacement and reduces the service life of the components. norelem’s flat head screws with tolerance compensation are ideal here to prevent the static overdetermination systems.

The new flat head screws provide a decisive advantage by means of a floating bearing solution that reduces the tension between two components. When the flat head screw, consisting of a bolt, slide bearing and O-ring, is screwed into a hole, the plain bearing compresses the O-ring by a predefined amount. The plain bearing then sits on the head of the bolt, while the stroke is limited accordingly by the installation dimension. This guarantees a floating mounting with an assembly that is almost free of play. As the floating storage is limited to a defined level, exact adherence to the tolerances of components in production and complex alignment work are no longer required.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem said, “Machines and systems are subject to various degrees of tension over time, which can impact their functionality and reduce their service life. Fluctuating temperatures can change the dimensions of components, or the position of components might vary due to dynamic loads. Machines and systems also need to withstand possible occurrences of assembly inaccuracies and compensate for manufacturing tolerances. These challenges can be mastered with norelem’s flat head screws with tolerance compensation.”

The global standard component specialist offers various designs of flat head screws with tolerance compensation all available via norelem’s THE BIG GREEN BOOK. The screws are available with external or internal thread, as well as with bolts made of galvanized steel, while the O-ring and plain bearing always remain the same. 

For more about norelem and their range of flat head screws with tolerance compensation, please visit norelem.com

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