DANFOSS DST P40M Pressure Transmitter

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Designed for harsh environment and highly corrosive marine applications

The P40M pressure transmitter has been designed speci€c for pressure monitoring of marine applications such as Ballast water treatment systems, Exhaust gas scrubbers, Desalination and Sea water cooling systems where high corrosion resistance and longevity are essential for the continued operation of auxiliary & propulsion systems onboard the vessel.

The enclosure of the pressure transmitter is machined out from a single piece of Titanium to eliminate any structural weaknesses. Titanium is exceptionally resistant to a broad range of acids and alkalis, as well as Sodium Chloride and polluted waters. Titanium’s corrosion resistance together with its low density, high strength and erosion resistance,
make this pressure transmitter ideal for numerous chemical processing and marine uses.
The pressure sensing element is made from ceramic Al2O3 96% which has excellent chemical immunity and is suitable for nearly all aggressive media. The pressure transmitter works following the piezo resistive principle
and the Wheatstone bridge is screen printed directly on one side of the ceramic diaphragm by means of Thick Film technology.

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