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I samarbeid med Fluke har vi gleden av å invitere til et kostnadsfritt webinar hvor Mr. Tako Feron, Global Product Manager Acoustic Imaging at Fluke Corp. vil introdusere dette banebrytende produktet.

Torsdag 26 november 2020 kl. 12:00 - 13.00

Partial Discharge (PD), a partial failure of insulator, often occurs in medium and high voltage electrical equipment such as high voltage powerlines, transformers, turbines, switchgears etc. and can cause catastrophic system failures, resulting in environmental hazards (oil leakage or fire), blackouts, significant economic losses and even potential threat to human life. Over years, various PD detection technologies have been developed, while people are still looking for an easier way to locate and analyze PD. 

In this webinar, Fluke will introduce a new groundbreaking technology – Fluke II910 Precision Acoustic Imager – to refresh your understanding about PD detection and analysis. Powered by Fluke patented SoundsightTM technology and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, II910 can immediately locate PD and provide rich data for analysis and reporting.  

Join us to get more insights into this maintenance solution from Fluke expert speakers!

Key Takeaways:
- Learn fundamentals of Partial Discharge (PD): causes and consequences of PD in your facilities
- Learn acoustic emission technology, an unconventional method of PD detection that is adopted by Fluke II910 
- Learn powerful features of Fluke II910 and how it can benefit your facility maintenance

Presented by:
Tako Feron |Global Product Manager Acoustic Imaging at Fluke Corp.
Mr. Tako Feron is Fluke’s Global Product Manager for Acoustic Imaging – he is responsible for identifying market trends, customer insights and technical opportunities and translate these into Fluke acoustic products and services. From here he defines new product development requirements and roadmap strategies.

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