Hydratron Hydraulic Flushing Systems

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Maintenance made easy

The Hydratron flushing rig is a crucial component of any care and maintenance system; their revolutionary flushing rigs help avoid costly repair and replacement bills by flushing and filtering out contaminants that can build up in your hydraulic systems.

Hydratron Flushing Rigs innovatively combine both flushing and test lines to a single outlet, therefore hydrostatic tests can be carried out before or after flushing without the need for breaking or making any connections.

Key features:
- High quality electric driven flushing pump
- Air driven hydrostatic test pump
- 3 Micron Filtration to ensure cleanliness of the hydraulic system – to SAE AS4059E Table 2, Class 6 B-F
- Flowmeter and Digital Totaliser displaying flow rate through the application
- Air blast cooler to maintain fluid temperature
- Integral drip tray to contain spillages
- Flow control valve to control flow to the application
- Sample valve for fluid sample take off
- Flushing pressures up to 10,000psi (690Bar)
- CE compliant

Optional features:
- ATEX compliance
- DNV lifting frame for offshore purposes
- Inline contamination monitor
- Test manifold
- PLC controlled
- 3 stage, double function extend/retract open/close feature
- Custom designed to meet customer’s needs


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