Simrad GC series gyrocompasses and control

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Designed to meet the requirements of demanding offshore application

The Simrad GC series includes gyrocompasses and control units to suit any vessel type and application; from IMO-approved GC80 and GC85 solutions for merchant cargo ships, passenger vessels, and dynamic positioning Offshore Service Vessels, to the compact RGC50 for smaller non-SOLAS workboats, ferries and commercial fishing vessels.

- Eliminates mainentance-costs
- Sensitive elements are field-swappable to allow onboard service
- IMO type approved
- Compact, Dual or Expanded control units
- Offer a range of stepper and NMEA 0183 heading outputs
- Easy incorporated into new vessels or retrofits

IKM Instrutek offers a comprehensive range of innovative navigation, communication and other relevant maritime electronic equipment for all type of vessels. We have a wide-ranging staff of highly educated, trained and certified service engineers which perform service and certifications around the world. 

Our service engineers are trained for servicing navigation and communication equipment from a wide range of brands. With our custom made Serviceweb for administration of equipment, certifications and services, we offer you complete control over your equipment and due dates. 

Choose us as your long term reliable vendor for new buildings and retrofits around the world. 

Contact information:
Main Office Larvik, Elveveien 28, 3262 Larvik 
P: +47 33 16 57 00

Service telephone (24 hours): (+47) 47 46 84 84
Enquiries and orders should preferably be submitted to: NavCom@IKM.no


IKM Instrutek AS

Elveveien 28
3262 Larvik
IKM Instrutek AS

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