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MINEX®-SA 75/10 to 165/24

31. desember 2025

Product characteristics
No losses of eddy current and consequently no generation of heat in the coupling caused by the containment shroud
Low susceptibility to fracture, low weight, easy handling
Optimal solution with low demands on temperature and pressure resistance (up to 16 bar and 130°C)
Torque range from 10 to 390 Nm
Internal cooling measures are not required
High energy efficiency and effectiveness
The selection torque may be reduced by 10 to 15 %
Specifically suitable for dry-running drives

Coupling description
The MINEX®-S is a permanent-magnetic synchronous coupling that transmits torque through magnetic forces between the internal and the external rotor.
It ensures a hermetic separation of the drive and the driven side in its main function as sealing element in pumps and agitators. For critical media like aggressive acids etc. it serves as a reliable seal and prevents serious leakages occuring.

On request KTR can manufacture special customer-specific types of the MINEX®-S in connection with KTR hydraulic components. Thus existing pumps with a conventional shaft seal can be easily retrofitted with the MINEX®-S.

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