Rotex® GS ZR1 fra KTR Systems Norge AS

31. desember 2025

Product characteristics
Backlash-free intermediate shaft coupling
Application for example, on lifting spindle elements, parallel linear systems,
overhead gantry robots, handling machines
For connection of larger shaft distances and a
maximum speed of 1500 rpm
Spacer part to be disassembled radially
Design ZR1 for torques up to the maximum friction torque of clamping hub
Finish bore according to ISO fit H7 (apart from clamping hub),
keyway, from Ø 6 mm according to DIN 6885 sheet 1 - JS9

Coupling description
ROTEX® GS is a 3-part, axial plug-in coupling backlash-free under pre-stress. It is convincing even with critical applications by its backlash-free power transmission, its stiffness which is each adapted to the application and its optimum damping of vibrations. This principle of installation offers significant assembly possibilities which optimize the assembly times in production.

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KTR Systems Norge AS

KTR Systems Norge AS
Lahaugmoveien 81
2013 Skjetten

Ørnulf Gaarder
Telefon: +47 98241063

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