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Cyber Security 2023 - will it be fully booked?

Opening lecture: The impact of tecnology in the global security picture

The conference still have some available seats, but hopefully we can write "Fully Booked" on the event page before the conference opens.

At this year’s conference, we present experts that can highlight not only the challenges we meet in our daily operations, but how these are met in different organizations. This year, we’re especially happy to also include operational cyber security experts from the maritime field.

Securing ICS/OT systems against cyber-attacks can be a challenging task due to several factors, and as development and digitalization moves at a high speed, it’s important to both exploit the possibilities, and beware of pitfalls. You will meet industry experts on stage, but also in informal discussion arenas. Let these inspire you with innovative ideas on both today’s possibilities and tomorrow’s solutions.

Join Cyber Security 2023 to meet and discuss industrial cyber security topics with peers.

To see all lectures and full program, enter the event page here!

Hope to see you there!

Kjøita 19
4630 Kristiansand


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