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Workplace design specialist: New tilt fitting offers completely new possibilities for workplaces and will contribute to reducing stress and back pain. Try a chair with the Tilter® fitting at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

No less than three brand new and quite different chairs built with Tilter® will be presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Tilter® a tilt fitting for chairs enabling a person to tilt their chair seat using solely their own body weight and movements.

Tilter® is the only fitting on the market able to steplessly tilt forwards and backwards as well as to the sides, and this functionality makes Tilter® an exciting new product in the realm of, among other things, office furniture.

"I have never met an employee who has sat on an office chair or a meeting room chair that could tilt to the side. For me, Tilter thus is an exciting product offering new possibilities." Physiotherapist Pernille Andersen from ergomentor.dk has worked in ergonomic consulting for 20 years, and thus has configured many different office chairs.

"Movement, even on a small scale, eliminates waste substances and adds oxygen and nutrients to back muscles and ligaments, which makes for less stiffness and fewer aches and pains. This is the mechanism that is exploited when for example one sits on an exercise ball. In my assessment, many people will benefit from a chair that can move in all directions while simultaneously supporting the back. It is precisely this that Tilter offers the opportunity to do," explains Pernille Andersen.

Visit the Tilter® website: www.TilterMotion.com

Come to Stockholm Furniture Fair 9 - 13 February 2016 and experience Tilter® on three locations:

Savo Office Seating – Stand no. A38:20
Brundstad AS - Stand no. C03:31
Global – Stand no. A25:40



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