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Morgendagens industrielle verden

I morgendagens industrielle verden vil komponenter, enheter eller applikasjoner kunne kommunisere og samhandle med hverandre og samarbeide sømløst. Denne konferansen viser deg hvordan!

Digitalization in the Automation Domain 2023 arrangeres i  Oslo , 15-16 mars.
Konferansen er på Engelsk!

Her er hva noen av foredragsholderene selv sier om sitt foredrag:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Drath | University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim
"In his talk, he will report on the big picture of the integration of various interoperability solutions with the AAS, namely the integration and interaction of AML, AASX and OPC UA. This work is currently underway and a joint effort between IDTA, OPC Foundation, VDMA, AutomationML e.V. and further industry partners."

Dr. Andreas Schüller | NAMUR & YNCORIS GmbH & Co
"In his talk, he shows the digitalization strategy of NAMUR consisting of the four blocks Advanced Physical Layer (APL), Module Type Package (MTP), NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) and Asset Administration Shell (AAS)."

Andreas Orzelski | Specialist Standardization AAS Digital Innovations | Phoenix Contact GmbH KG
"The presentation will focus on a specific use case to exemplify the function of Asset Administration Shell (AAS) as the framework for Digital Twins (IEC 63278). An AAS sub-model for product change notifications based on SmartPCN (VDMA 24903) is explained. As a part of the presentation the AAS V3 data model and the V3 REST API are explained. This includes vendor neutral authentication and authorization. Both theory and live demo are covered."

Dr.-Ing. Sten Grüner | Principal Scientist | ABB Corporate Research Center Germany
"In his talk Sten will give an overview of two recent developments around AAS which took place in 2022. The first topic is the activity of German association of electrotechnical industry (ZVEI) to model and exchange Product Carbon Footprint information with help of AAS. The second topic is the results of IDTA working group to establish a link between DEXPI (a data exchange standard for P&I Diagrams) and AAS."

Mario Hoernicke | Senior Principal Scientist | ABB Corporate Research Center Germany
"In his talk, he will give an insight into the current developments and status of the MTP, as well as its application in industrial pilots and further developments for the usage of MTP for the engineering of world-scale plants."

Mer om arrangementet finner du HER!

Andøyfaret 33, bygg D
4623 Kristiansand
Org. nr.: NO882267792


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