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Digitalization in the Automation Domain will give you an understanding on how Industry 4.0 will affect the evolution of automation systems.

The Conference takes place at Clarion Hotel Oslo, March 15th-16th

Once again, we are happy to announce that we follow up with the success from last year, and present the greatest ideas and examples on how the industry can onboard the industrial revolution, I4.0.

Here is a short indroduction of some of the speakers / speaches:

  • Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade and Industry.
    Title of speach: Norwegian industry, a leading player in Industry 4.0 - Fact or fiction?
    Jan Christian Vestre was born in 1986 and comes from Haugesund. He was general manager of the furniture manufacturer Vestre AS until he was appointed Minister of Trade and Industry.


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Drath | Pforzheim University
    Title of speach: Interrelation of Asset Administration Shell and AutomationML
    In his talk, he will report on the big picture of the integration of various interoperability solutions with the AAS, namely the integration and interaction of AML, AASX and OPC UA. This work is currently underway and a joint effort between IDTA, OPC Foundation, VDMA, AutomationML e.V. and further industry partners. 


  • Dr. Andreas Schüller | NAMUR & YNCORIS GmbH & Co
    Title of speach: NAMUR onboarding into Industry 4.0
    In his talk, he shows the digitalization strategy of NAMUR consisting of the four blocks Advanced Physical Layer (APL), Module Type Package (MTP), NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) and Asset Administration Shell (AAS).


  • Andreas Orzelski | Specialist Standardization AAS Digital Innovations | Phoenix Contact GmbH KG
    Title of speach:  Standardized Device and Update Management based on Asset Administration Shell and OPC UA
    The presentation will focus on a specific use case to exemplify the function of Asset Administration Shell (AAS) as the framework for Digital Twins (IEC 63278). An AAS sub-model for product change notifications based on SmartPCN (VDMA 24903) is explained.
    With this sub-model in combination with OPC 10000-100 (OPC UA Part 100: Devices) which defines a standardized software update model multiple vendors can provide their device and update information in a standardized way allowing for vendor independent device and update management.
    As a part of the presentation the AAS V3 data model and the V3 REST API are explained. This includes vendor neutral authentication and authorization. Both theory and live demo are covered.


  • Mario Hoernicke | Senior Principal Scientist | ABB Corporate Research Center
    Title of speach: MTP Framework, Recent Developments and Demonstrators
    In his talk, he will give an insight into the current developments and status of the MTP, as well as its application in industrial pilots and further developments for the usage of MTP for the engineering of world-scale plants.


  • David Cameron | Manager for External Engagements | University of Oslo
    Title of speach: DEXPI+: Standards-Compliant Modelling of Processes for Process System Engineering
    He is a Chemical Engineer with 30 years of industrial experience in the metals, chemicals and petroleum industries. His technical specialization is the application of simulation to the optimization of operations. He has worked in applied research, strategy and development management roles in BHP Billiton, Norsk Hydro, Kongsberg Group and then in consulting and senior business development roles related to the internet of things in IBM and Sopra Steria.

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