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NFEA-konferanse om digitalisering

The conference is in English, and will give you an understanding on how Industry 4.0 will affect the evolution of automation systems

Once again, we are happy to announce that we follow up with the success from last year, and present the greatest ideas and examples on how the industry can onboard the industrial revolution, I4.0.

In tomorrow’s industrial world, components, devices, or applications will be able to communicate and interact with each other and work together seamlessly and interoperable – across company, industry, and national boundaries without a leading system. Plattform Industrie 4.0 offers concrete technical concept and specifications to achieve this vision. The central concept for semantic interoperability is the Asset Administration Shell (AAS).

Automation systems is heavily influenced by what is happening in the IT industry. Platform Industry 4.0 is one major player defining a framework for the manufacturing industry. But many other important players like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Open Group and the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF), NAMUR Open Architecture and Module Type Package are another examples.

Communication Technologies like OPC UA and Engineering Technologies like AutomationML are important building block for the evolution of engineering and we will have a separate engineering session to clarify the role of these technologies related to Industry 4.0.

So, with these, and many more important initiatives ongoing, we like to invite you to Digitalization in the Automation Domain, a conference where we have collected experts from many of these areas to talk about these exiting initiatives. There will be a mix of high level and detail level presentations.

Jan Munkejord | Equinor ASA
Morten Dalsmo | SINTEF Digital
Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen | Equinor ASA
Sølve Raaen | Kongsberg Maritime
Robert Skaar | Equinor ASA
Karin Sundsvik | NFEA
Tonje Olsen | NFEA

For program, more information and presentation of the speakers, CLICK HERE!

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