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The conference is not only a meeting place, most importantly, you will also catch inspiring talks

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference 2022 takes place in Oslo, October 19th-20th.

Industrial companies are currently in a tight squeeze between emissions requirements, efficiency gains, and also the ever-higher production costs. With digital solutions, we seek answers to the challenges, but the amount of data also increases with increased digitization. We know the insights are there in a mountain of data, but finding them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
How companies can use AI to gain insight, and how we can scale from proof of concept to operations is the theme of this year’s conference. We will focus on practical operational use of a potential high-flying technical opportunity, which is on everybody’s lips nowadays.

We will cover the development of AI-applications with emphasis on use cases from our industries. We are just as eager to learn about the less effective use-cases as we are to hear the success stories.

A lot of our large industrial players  will share their experiences, and they will also inform us on their way forward. What is for instance the answer to the question: How can Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning bring their business further?

Comments from the evaluation of last years conference:

  • Overall good event. Really interesting lectures about AI in the industry.
  • Amazing list of speakers and lecture. Well planned and enjoyed the dinner and lunch session.
  • Nice event with interesting topics. Good food.
  • Everything was very good
  • Perfect

For program and more information, CLICK HERE!

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