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The protection of operating facilities against cyberthreats requires the cooperation of all involved actors: asset owners and operators, service providers for integration or maintenance, and product suppliers

This  in-depth course will take place in Oslo, June 1.-2.

You experience how the concepts and contents of ISA/IEC 62443 can be used for the protection of operating facilities. You will be conducted step by step through the elements of holistic Security Protection Schemes. You will learn about the contributions of product suppliers, service providers and asset owners in each phase of the life cycle of an operating facility.

Target audience:
Asset owners: Manager of operating facilities, Responsible for IT networks of operating facilities, CISO / ISO / Responsible for cybersecurity of operating facilities, Responsible for policies and procedures
Service providers: System architects, Project leaders, CISO / ISO / Responsible for cybersecurity in projects, Responsible for policies and procedures
Product suppliers: CISO / ISO / Responsible for cybersecurity in development

Learning targets:
Asset owners get to know, which support they can request from service providers and product suppliers for the protection of their operating facilities, and which is their own contribution.
Service providers experience, which capabilities regarding processes and technologies are necessary for developing risk-based protection concepts as well as learn about their activities and the scope of their responsibilities in the development of a Security Protection Scheme. The contributions of product suppliers to support he development and operation of Security Protection Schemes will be described.

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Dr. Pierre Kobes has a longstanding experience in the automation division of Siemens. He was responsible during the last ten years of its career for cybersecurity  standards, regulations and certifications. He influenced significantly the development of the standard series ISA/IEC 62443 and is author of the book “Guideline Industrial Security – IEC 62443 is easy!”.

He is active in German and international standardization committees and propagates a holistic approach for the protection of operating facilities as well as the integration of security in development and production of automation products.

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