Cyber Security 2022 - April 27th-28th

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The NFEA Cyber Security conference focus on standards and best practice within the OT area, in a life cycle perspective from engineering to operation

We are proud to present our keynote speakers Joe Slowik, Senior Manager Threat Intelligence & Detections Eng.
at Gigamon and Maite Carli Garcia, Communication Manager & European CCI Coordinator.

We showcase a lot of exciting lectures covering topics of interest for cyber physical industry in Norway and abroad.

Leading standards that apply today will be presented along with how the standards are being applied within different
corporations’ governance frameworks and procedures.

The conference will continue the previous focus on cyber and safety, and what practical implications it will have for the different businesses. We will also give good, practical examples and experiences from the area of Cyber Security – both incidents and mitigations will be covered.

Jan Munkejord | Equinor ASA | Committee Leader
Marie Moe | mnemonic AS
Margrete Raaum | KraftCert
Judith Rossebø | ABB AS
Knut-Erik Tovslid | Triple-S AS
Karin Sundsvik| NFEA
Tonje Olsen | NFEA

For full program, click HERE!

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