AI and ML Conference 2021

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During the last years we have seen the hype around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In this conference we will take it one step further showing how the industry has implemented the theory into technical solutions with emphasis on use cases and business value.

The conference will be arranged October 27-28, at Thon Hotel Storo, Oslo

The examples range from maintenance through process optimisation. We will also cover some basics within data analytics, deterministic AI and computer vision and AI. The program will cover some new concepts and theory with practical implementation examples demonstrating how far we have reached.

The conference will be relevant both to early adopters and organisations still waiting to get started with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The presenters come from the industry, academia and represent both end users, research and suppliers.

You will find the program HERE!

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Bernt Eldor, Kairos Technology AS (Chair) | David Anisi, NMBU | Bertil Helseth, Intelecy AS | Massimiliano Ruocco, Telenor ASA | Tom-Roger Stensberg, Triple-S AS |

About language: The lecturers are informed to  prepare the written presentations in English if possible. Each individual speaker may decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English, however the preferred language is English.

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