FJERO fills major order for skidding cylinders for Russia

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With a total lifting capacity requirement of 3,100 tonnes, it was no standard order for hydraulic cylinders that FJERO received.

Skidding is the name of a system that can both lift items up and move them sideways at matching speeds and taking into account the surrounding environment and the impact on it. Skidding systems come in different sizes, but this order ranks in the heavy-weight category. 3,100 tonnes corresponds to lifting almost 3,000 passenger vehicles all at once. So it takes more than a standard hydraulic cylinder to manage the task.
 ”We are used to challenging and complex projects. This job was no exception. The order came from one of FJERO’s regular customers, so we have had a close working relationship over many years, ” says Sales Manager Niels Storgaard Jensen, adding:  ”Precisely that close relationship is important for understanding the challenges our customers face in their different projects. Through in-depth knowledge, our engineers and technicians can analyse complicated requirements and design durable and functional solutions for, such as skidding equipment. ”
In this case, the skidding system is designed to handle offshore tasks – typically on an oil rig. Here, the challenge is to safeguard safety and logistics in connection with extremely heavy lifting and still achieve very precise placement of the equipment.
The system is designed for the Russian market and therefore high demands are made on quality due to the often harsh climate. The total order is for 24 hydraulic cylinders.

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