Whisper Power

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The DNA of WhisperPower

At WhisperPower we are driven by a distinctive challenge: our products are only seen as perfect when you can neither see nor hear them. With this in mind, all our innovation efforts are geared towards creating silent and vibration-free generators and electrical systems that do their work without interruption. We are not talking about loose components here but a unique combination within our renowned All-in-One PowerStation. 

WhisperPower sets itself apart by offering smart innovations that prove their value in everyday operation. In the most challenging conditions, you can fully rely on our PowerStation whether on water, in the air or on land. And that is the reason for our fast growth and worldwide success.

Fakta om A/S Danish Engineering & Marine Power

A/S Danish Engineering & Marine Power
Sandvadsvej 17 B
4600 Køge

Køge Kommune

Telefon: +45 3920 5422

Org. nr.: DK82085610

P nummer: 1002636865

Ansatte: 3


Jan Jacobsen
Tittel: Managing director/sales
Direkte telefon: +45 51812623

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