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13. september 2023

Toggle clamps, power and toggle clamps
Toggle clamps function according to the knee-lever principle and can be operated with very little expenditure of force. norelem toggle clamps are fastened to a machine table with screws. The materials used for the clamps are stainless steel or carbon steel.

Toggle clamps offer effective solutions where the quick clamping, fixating or positioning of a work piece should be carried out economically.

Toggle clamps represent an optimal solution in drilling, welding, grinding, inspection fixtures etc. The clamping force of toggle clamps can be adjusted up to 2,500 N according to requirements using a set screw under the lever in the hinge. With some toggle clamps the clamping force can be even greater.
Toggle clamps in machine construction and industry
Toggle clamps are mainly used in the metal, wood and plastic industries and in tool making. They are used as clamps during punching, drilling, bending, sawing, fastening, gluing, welding, assembly or as locks.

Toggle clamps from norelem clamp and fixate workpieces quickly and easily so that these can be processed on a drilling machine etc. The clamping lever only needs to be pushed down in order to clamp the workpiece firmly. A great advantage is the rapid positioning and clamping of workpieces, which saves time.
Advantages of the norelem toggle clamps
norelem toggle clamps are characterised by ease of operation, speed and light handling. These clamping aids are also made of high quality materials to give them a very long service life. the oil-resistant grip is made from 2-component plastic. If required, the clamps can be easily exchanged, supplemented or replaced - ADVANTAGE:STANDARD PARTS.
Toggle clamps: versions, variations & accessories
In the norelem online shop and in THE BIG GREEN BOOK you can find a large selection of clamps in numerous designs such as toggle clamps, toggle hook clamps, push-pull toggle clamps, toggle clamps with thrust spindle or manual clamps. norelem also offers the appropriate accessories for toggle clamps such as adapter plates and adapter blocks.

In our range you can choose between toggle clamps with vertical or horizontal levers and toggle clamps with horizontal or vertical feet.

In the online shop norelem also offers toggle clamps with different hole and screw sizes, depending on the application. Very high clamping forces can be achieved with toggle clamps. The full potential force cannot however be applied. Adhering to the holding forces (F) recommended in the catalogue THE BIG GREEN BOOK however, guarantee a long life for the toggle clamps. Therefore, the clamping force must be attuned to the retaining force. The clamping force can be manually increased or reduced using the thrust screw to attain the optimum clamping force on the workpiece with the least effort.
Practical examples from industry
In carpentry, the toggle clamps from norelem are used to prevent extreme deformation of fragile panels during gluing or assembly. With the correct clamping force, regulated by the thrust screw, the workpiece is not damaged and quality is assured.
Safety & Protection
By means of the safety interlock (when exceeding the dead centre, similar to the straightened leg principle) an unintentional release of the toggle clamp is prevented. The functioning principle of the safety interlock for protection is fully described in the technischen Hinweisseite for toggle clamps.
Horizontal toggle clamps & vertical toggle clamps
By the horizontal and vertical versions of the toggle clamps, an infinite adjustment of the clamping height within 35mm is possible and leads to the alignment of the clamping lever in clamped condition.
Vertical clamp & horizontal clamp
Vertical clamps and horizontal clamps can, not surprisingly, be mounted horizontally or vertically. The mounting position of the toggle clamp has no negative effect on the clamping force. The correct choice of norelem toggle clamp depends on the application such as drilling, welding, grinding or inspecting the workpieces being machined.

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