PartnerPlast Bend Restrictor

28. juni 2020

PartnerPlast manufactures polyurethane Bend Restrictors in different hardnesses, to fit any gun cable, flexible flowline, umbilical, or other cables. Our Bend Restrictors provide excellent protection against damage due to overbending. They will also provide good protection against abrasion and impact. The Bend Restrictors are designed and manufactured according to customer specifications, based on outer diameter of the product they are encompassing, the minimum allowed bend radius and the static and dynamic loads. Bend Restrictors consist of a number of interlocking half elements, bolted together with Stainless steel bolts. It is also possible to add mold-in steel reinforcement in the elements to increase strength further. Using a reinforced PartnerPlast Bend Restrictor can often provide a substitute for the use of steel bend restrictors. The Bend Restrictors will have a free movement until it reaches the minimum allowed bending radius. It will then prevent further bending of the cable and thereby protecting it from potential damage.

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