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DWT Purge Gas Saver til rør og tanker

Pr. stk. NOK 31 800 ekskl. moms
5. juni 2025

Fungerer på alle ikke-magnetiske metaller Diameter fra Ø300 mm Veggtykkelse inntil 8 mm Sparer opptil 90 % gass Rask start på sveisejobben Se video lengre ned!

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One of the time consuming and expensive opera- tions when welding pipes, is the purging. To ensure that no oxidation occurs on the inside of the pipes mostly a purging with gas is made. This fills the pipe with gas and the pipe is continuously flushed during welding. Imagine that you could just apply gas where the welding takes place, and that the gas inside the pipe follows the torch on the outside of the pipe

Easy of use
• Through the utilization of strong magnets, the Purge Gas Saver always follows the torch
• Due to the 360° wheels the Purge Gas Saver can be slid sideways and through elbows
• No need for attaching wires or similar tools to the
Purge Gas Saver. Simply slide it out when you are finished welding

• The gas consumption can be reducedby up to 90% depending on diameter and length of pipe
• Avoid long flush times and uncertainty of the ppm l evel during the weld.
• We offers a complete package ready to use for pipe applications.

Tank welding
• When welding tanks (horizontal welding) reduce the staff involved to only the welder
• No need for trailing with a manually operated gas cup on the inside

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