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Løsninger for sprøytestøping av plast

Fra verktøykonsept til plastdel

29. februar 2024

In addition to the basic technical function of a plastic part, 
aesthetic aspects in particular play a decisive role in the 
purchase decision today. In the case of housing components 
– such as this demonstrator part – non-optimized thermal 
management of the cavity insert can lead not only to 
dimensional deviations, but also to visible flow lines around 
functional elements and openings. This often results in 
higher scrap rates as well as longer cycle times due to 
process-related corrective measures. The application of 
variothermal temperature control concepts offers the 
advantage of more precise control of the cooling process 
in the mold and thus an influence on both shrinkage and 
surface quality. However, with conventional, drilled cooling 
channel layout, this change of temperature control concept 
usually leads to an extension of the cycle time due to the 
additional heating phase.

The integration of textures into the plastic part surface is 
another way of further increasing the value of the pro-
duct. Premium surface designs can be used to specifically 
adjust both the look and the feel. Here, variothermal tem-
perature control enables a targeted local adjustment of 
the cavity temperature for better molding or shaping of 
different surface structures and textures.
This is particularly the case when the actual texture is 
overlaid with micro-textures to incorporate invisible but 
readable information into the plastic product. To enable 
the readability of this information, a high level of accura-
cy is necessary, which can be influenced by precise ther-
mal management.
The wear caused by fillers and reinforcing additives also 
requires protection of the micro-texture.

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Guillaume (Gijåm) Cathelineau

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