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2009 - Start of robolink. The development of low-cost robot arms begins. Robolink W was the first cost-effective robot arm made by igus.

Development began with the purchase of a patent for an articulated arm with rope drive. Just a few years later, robolink development took a great step forwards and the D series was developed. The drive was the main difference to the preceding models. The robolink D articulated robot was moved with the help of direct drives.

2010 - twisterband energy chain.

Guiding cables reliably and safely where 7,000-degree rotations occur.
With the twisterband, igus launches its own energy chain for rotating energy supply onto the market. With a rotary movement of 7,000 degrees in horizontal and up to 3,000 degrees in vertical installation positions, it is a cost-effective solution for rotary movements in an extremely small space. While the design looks futuristic, it is very easy to handle. Spoiler alarm: in 2011, this energy chain will win the red dot design award.

2010 - Bar stock made of iglidur materials
The first bar stock made of proven iglidur materials
igus already has high-performance polymers in many different forms. Why not bar stock as well?, thought igus GmbH in 2010. Since then, iglidur bar stock has been available in the form of plates, round bars or hollow bars. The advantage is that, with bar stock, customers can make their own customised part themselves and make use of the advantages associated with many different iglidur materials. As an alternative, igus offers a manufacturing service and machines iglidur bar stock according to the customer's requirements.

2011 - drylin E linear axes.

drylin linear axes now with drive and motor.
"E" as in "electric" says it all. igus now supplies drives and motors for drylin linear axes. In the online shop, the customer can now configure a complete linear axis, including motor, connecting cables and built-on parts, with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, the product finder calculates the individual price of the linear axis as well as the utilisation rate of the motors and the service life in strokes. In this case, the "E" could also stand for "easy configuration".


Source: Igus Gmbh

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