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2003 - triflex energy chain. igus develops the first e-chains specially for industrial robots.

In many areas of production, industry is increasingly introducing automation and therefore the use of robots. However, due to their large radius of movement, robots give rise to special requirement for safe and reliable energy supply systems. igus presents the first special solutions for robots that can cope with torsion and round-the-clock operation, and are very adaptable. The triflex in-house product series is launched. The matching cables that can cope with the same conditions follow later.

2003 - drylin W profile guides.

The starting signal for the extensive modular system of linear guides
igus produces its first profile guide in the form of drylin W. In this case as well, the winning arguments were that the sliding elements are completely lubrication and maintenance-free. Their resistance to dirt, dust and moisture make them usable in many difficult environments. That they operate very quietly is a further advantage, especially in the case of long periods of use when many machines work in parallel. With the modular system, igus makes it easy for its customers to configure the appropriate linear guide. They are all wear-resistant.

2008 - xiros ball bearing.

No lubrication thanks to high-performance polymers.
Every child is familiar with ball bearings, they are found in roller skates, children's scooters and so on, and are almost an everyday component. Tiresome lubrication is something all users come into contact with at some stage. This is where igus also went back to its box of polymer tricks and developed the first ball bearings with plastics that cause very little friction. "xiros" is derived from the Greek word for "dry". These products are also lubrication and maintenance-free. They weigh less than metal ball bearings and, because they are more hygienic, are suitable for a considerably wider range of applications.

2009 - Factory extension.

The flexible structure starts being used.
The forward-looking design of the factory with the yellow pylons now pays off. igus increases the size of the factory by a huge 60%. More machines, more tools, more storage space, there is a place for everything in the airy building. And there is still enough space for further expansion.


Source: Igus Gmbh

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