The story behind Igus part 4

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1977 - New headquarters was moved to Lochermühle in Bergisch Gladbach. And in 1979 the first e-chain catalogue came out.

The double garage in Cologne-Mühlheim soon became too small. In Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne, Günter Blase found a suitable building in the historic industrial area of Lochermühle. Located above the old grounds where the first mills had settled as early as 1595, due to the location next to the river Strunde, there existed exactly the right entrepreneurial spirit to lend impetus to igus as a company.

1979 - Catalogue for energy chains.

igus GmbH publishes its first e-chain catalogue.
The innovative energy chain made of high-quality polymers had now been developed further and several variants had become available. In order to market the product effectively, the first catalogue for energy chains was designed and printed. The design of the double-spread catalogue with spiral binder was the precursor of all the igus advertising material and printed documents of today.  



Source: Igus Gmbh

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