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THE alternative to PTFE trackless cables: stranded structure CFCLEAN with e-skin flat. ►Modular ►Cable change in a few minutes ►Cost-effective ►Sustainable.

The flat cable guidance system e-skin flat, in combination with chainflex CFCLEAN, represents the consistent further development of the commercially available PTFE trackless cables for cable guidance in flat panel display (FPD) and semiconductor production, and in the production of OLEDs as well as in medical technology. The strengths of PTFE trackless cables have been further developed and the downsides of PTFE trackless cables have been improved with the new cable guidance system e-skin flat.

Further development through e-skin flat and CFCLEAN.

Prototypes from stock
No minimum order quantity
Flexible to application changes through simple replacement of CFCLEAN or e-skin flat pods
Length and width can be changed as required
Resources-friendly and service-friendly due to easy interchangeability of each individual element

Disadvantages of trackless cables (ribbon cables)
Long prototype phase, due to complex manufacturing processes
High prototype costs
No longer flexibly changeable after completion
In case of service, the complete trackless cable must be replaced
Ecologically and economically unsound due to waste of resources in case of damage



Source: Igus Gmbh

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