PRT-04 with internal gearing

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For even more compact drive solutions The PRT-04 with internal gearing has a compact design and allows drive from the inside.

 It is therefore suitable for applications where the installation space is limited, where lightweight or a cost-effective solution is required.  With the exception of the toothed inner diameter, all components and dimensions are identical to the standard PRT.

Compact design
For small installation spaces
Fields of application: applications with limited installation space

Tech up

Now, possibility of even more compact driving due to drive from the inside
Reduced space
Cost down

About 20% more cost-effective than PRT-01 series
Ready-to-install solution, no need to build it yourself
3D construction data available for free

PRTs already in use for many years (e.g. in automated guided vehicles)

Compact design means approx. 60% less weight compared to the PRT-01 series
Environment-friendly due to the absence of lubricants


Source: Igus Gmbh

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