How does the igus online 3D printing service work?

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What are the functions of the 3D Printing Service Tool? Here comes a reciepe on how to use it.

1. Prepare 3D CAD file

First design the required component as a 3D CAD model and export it in the STP/STEP format. If you already have the 3D model available as an STL file, this must also be converted into an STP/STEP file for the iglidur Designer. If you do not have a license for CAD software, you can find a variety of free tools online. During the design process, please note that the minimum wall thickness must not be less than 0.5mm, otherwise the stability of the mould cannot be guaranteed. 

2. Upload in the iglidur Designer

Simply drag the file into the iglidur Designer in the browser or upload it from a folder. The iglidur Designer immediately shows you the unit price, the final price (including quantity discount), the delivery time as well as possible limitations in the manufacturability. Depending on the material and number of components to be printed, the price varies depending on the process. For example, the production of a large number of elements (<5000 pieces) is cheaper and faster in print2mold than in the FDM process.  

3. Select plastic for 3D printing

Now you can select the appropriate material or manufacturing process. Select from over 60 friction-optimised plastics. In the tool you can select specific requirements to find the right material: select the application temperature, the surface pressure and other parameters such as conductivity or food conformity, for example.    

4. Optional: Reworking

If necessary, you can also select whether your workpiece should be reworked. Here you have a choice of two colours and two possible methods of surface finishing. However, please note that colouring and smoothing affect the friction and wear specifications of the components. A rough surface finish of the unmachined parts does not reduce the sliding properties of the printed parts.  

5. Orders or enquiries?

Now the completely configured elements can be transferred directly to the shopping cart and ordered. For particularly large quantities and some special plastics, the price is shown "upon request". In this case, we will provide you a price and further advice on your project as soon as possible. You can also save the finished order from the shopping cart and send it to colleagues via a link or complete the order later.  


Source: Igus Gmbh

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