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Our world has been in motion since the beginning of time. Technical progress is making our machines faster and faster and their movements more and more precise.

 This creates new challenges with regard to the machine components.

As early as 1964, Günter Blase, who established igus, had the idea of developing motion products made of low-wear high-performance polymers. motion plastics is what they are called today.  motion plastics products bring about improvements from environmental points of view as well.

The life cycle assessment of the plastics produced is good. In the manufacturing process, 50 % less mineral oil is used than for similar products made of steel and 70% less than those made of aluminium. Given the 54.4 billion tons of lubricant that finds its way into the environment every year, lubrication-free plastics from igus make a further contribution to protection of the environment.


Source: Igus Gmbh

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