The only certified Atex/EX Rough Boy designed for dust free abrasive EX/ATEX grinding

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The only certified Atex/EX Rough Boy designed for dust free abrasive EX/ATEX grinding of pipes and other surface The fastest and long lasting Atex certified grinding tools this tool can provide 32000 spot repair. Average 42,80 μm

Surface Preparation with SafetyTools

Grinding equipment from SafetyTools is a method of mechanical surface preparation that offers a unique possibility for the industry. In the past you would have to cover up or strip down the equipment you wanted to coat, and then use blasting to get the needed surface for coating. Standard mechanical grinding didn’t get you the surface needed to achieve an ideal surface. Extensive testing done by companies such as International, Jotun and DNV on SafetyTools shows that the tool will make an ideal surface for coating and you can archive a surface profile of SSPC SP-11.

Important other considerations:

There are also other considerations that need to be assessed when planning surface preparation. When using blasting there will be contaminated sand that need to be processed afterwards. The sand will damage surrounding equipment, and covering up nearby equipment will take time. When using mechanical tools there will high noise, and sparks that damage nearby coating and equipment, creating more problems with the surrounding coating and equipment. When using SafetyTools products you don’t produce any sparks that will cause problems, there will be no airborne dust that can damage any sensitive equipment and the noise level will be considerably lower than other similar products. For sport repair you also get the benefits of a smooth even transition between the old coating and the fresh metal. The benefit of all these factors makes SafetyTool an ideal tool for surface preparation.

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